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Oracle Database 11g: Oracle Secure Backup (D73080)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Oracle Secure Backup Overview
  • Oracle Secure Backup Architecture
  • Oracle Secure Backup Interface Options
  • RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup Overview
  • Tape Drives and Libraries
Installing Oracle Secure Backup
  • Installation and Configuration of the Administrative Domain
  • Administrative Server Installation
  • Oracle Secure Backup Web Tool Home Page
Securing Domain and Data
  • Managing User Access Control
  • Configuring Oracle Secure Backup Users
  • Oracle Secure Backup Encryption
Configuring RMAN for Oracle Secure Backup
  • Recovery Settings
  • Backup Settings
  • Media Families and RMAN
Performing RMAN Backups and Restores
  • Scheduling Backups with EM
  • Managing Database Tape Backups
  • Performing Database Recovery
Backing Up File-System Data with Oracle Secure Backup
  • File-System Backups
  • Creating Datasets
  • Creating Backup Schedules
Restoring File-System Backups with Oracle Secure Backup
  • Browsing the Catalog for File-System Backup Data
  • Restoring File-System Data
  • Restoring File-System Files with Oracle Secure Backup
Managing Your Oracle Secure Backup Domain
  • Managing Defaults and Policies
  • Backing Up the Catalog
Managing the OSB Infrastructure
  • Adding Clients
  • Adding Media Servers
  • Adding Devices
  • Managing Devices
Configuring and Using Tape Vaulting
  • Configuring a New Vaulting Environment
  • Using the Vaulting Environment
Configuring Tape Duplication
  • Configuring and Using Volume Duplication
  • Configuring a Duplication Environment
  • Associating a Duplication Policy with a Media Family
Tuning Oracle Secure Backup
  • Tuning Hardware
  • Tuning RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup
  • Tuning RMAN Software

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