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Application Development on Oracle Cloud (D100652)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introducing Oracle Cloud Services
  • Components of Cloud Computing
  • Overview of IaaS, SaaS and PaaS
  • Introducing Application Development Cloud Services
Creating a Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service Console
  • Creating a Database Cloud Service
  • Accessing the Database Monitor
  • Connecting to Remote Cloud Database
Oracle Application Container Cloud Service
  • Application Container Cloud Architecture
  • Preparing and Packaging Java Application
  • Preparing and Packaging Node Application
  • Preparing and Packaging PHP Application
  • Deploying Applications to Application Container
Java Cloud Service
  • Creating a Java Cloud Service Instance
  • Launching WebLogic Server Console
  • Java Cloud Service VM: Connecting via SSH
  • Java Cloud Service: Using WLST on VM
  • Creating a Datasource with Fusion Middleware Control
Developer Cloud Service Essentials
  • Developer Cloud Service Features and Components
  • Creating a New Project
  • Project: Maven Repositories
  • Create a Hudson Job
  • Deploying to the Java Cloud Service
Supporting IDE Tools
  • JDeveloper IDE
  • JDeveloper as Part of a Hudson Build
  • Netbeans IDE
  • Cloning a NetBeans Project from Remote Git
  • Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse
  • Importing a Project into Eclipse from Cloud
Git, Maven, Build, Deploy
  • Version Management
  • Creating a Git Repository in Developer Cloud Service
  • About Maven Repository
  • About Hudson Job
  • Creating a Deployment in Developer Cloud Service
  • Deploying to the Java Cloud Service
  • Implementing Continuous Deployment
Issues, Merge Requests, Agile Support
  • Issue Tracking in Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Merge Request Conversation and Commit
  • Agile Support in Oracle Developer Cloud Service
  • Customizing an Agile Board
  • Agile Methodology: Sprint
  • Configuring a Board
Cloud Services REST API
  • Working with the REST API
  • Using cURL
  • Oracle API Catalog: Searching for the REST API
  • Database Cloud Service REST Endpoint and UI
  • Java Cloud Service REST Endpoint and UI
  • Deploying to an Oracle Application Container Using the REST API
Wikis, Snippets, Administration
  • Wiki: New Pages, Hierarchy
  • Wiki Versioning
  • About Snippets
  • Administration: Project Properties
  • Issue Tracking: Tags
  • Administration: Repository
  • Administration: WebHook