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LeanFT 14.x Essentials (LNFT120)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1: Course Overview
  • Identify the contents and objectives of the course
  • Learn the sample Applications
Module 2: Introduction to LeanFT
  • Describe the advantages of LeanFT as a testing tool
  • Describe the license types for LeanFT
  • Identify what’s new in LeanFT
  • Explain cross-platform feature support
  • Build a LeanFT web-based test using Visual C#
  • Build a LeanFT Windows-based test using Visual C#
  • Run the test with NUnit
Module 3: Using the Object Identification Center
  • Use the Object Identification Center (OIC) to add steps
  • Use OIC for Linux/Mac
  • Use OIC for Selenium
  • Output data to the Visual Studio log
Module 4: Iterating with LeanFT
  • Create an array
  • Set test iterations based on the TestCaseSource area of a LeanFT script
  • Create a loop for a section of a test
  • Launch HTML reports
Module 5: Adding LeanFT Checkpoints
  • Build checkpoints by inserting Assert methods for the framework being used
    • Report test results
    • Control test pass/fail status
    • Use the Assert method within a try-catch statement
    • Use the Verification class
Module 6: Using LeanFT with Eclipse
  • Create a LeanFT test using the JUnit Framework in Eclipse
  • Build a test in a Web application
  • Build a test in a Windows application
  • Run the test in Eclipse
Module 7: Enhancing Test Scripts in Eclipse
  • Use the OIC with Eclipse
  • Iterate tests through multiple browsers
  • Add checkpoints
Module 8: Creating Application Models
  • Describe the theory behind application models
  • Create an application model with LeanFT using Visual Studio
Module 9: Parameterization with Excel
  • Reading data from an Excel file to use as input into your test
  • Write data to an Excel file to save output from your test
Module 10: End-to-End Lab
  • Combine topics and methods from previous labs into a comprehensive test
  • Create an NUnit Test project
  • Create an application model
  • Create a test using an application model
  • Add checkpoints to a test
  • Run the test against multiple browsers
  • Parameterize a test using Excel

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