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ControlPoint Installation 5.4 Essentials (CP300)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1 – HPE Governance and ControlPoint – an Overview
  • Define what HPE Information Governance is
  • Describe the purpose of ControlPoint and how it fits into the HPE Information Governance Solution
Module 2 – ControlPoint Overview
  • List the main ControlPoint features and benefits
  • Describe the ControlPoint architecture
Module 3 – Installation ControlPoint IDOL
  • Introduction to the training environment
  • Identify Pre-requisite software
  • Create Deployment Packages
  • Deploy, Install and Start Services
  • Prepare Records Repository for ControlPoint
Module 4 – ControlPoint Application Overview
  • Review what services ControlPoint
  • Troubleshoot stopped services using log files
Module 5 – Installing ControlPoint
  • Install ControlPoint Database
  • Install ControlPoint
  • Configure ControlPoint
  • View the ControlPoint installation
Module 6 – An Overview of ControlPoint Interface
  • Navigate the ControlPoint User Interface (UI)
  • Describe the Console view, list the default web pages and web parts it contains, and describe what each is used for
  • Describe how to use the Dashboard view and what information is available therein
Module 7 – Training Preparation
  • Prepare the installation for our training exercises
Module 8 – ControlPoint Repositories
  • Identify repositories
  • Add new repositories
Module 9 – ControlPoint Security
  • Set user security levels in Administration, Category, Policy and Repository areas

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