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Juniper Networks Data Center Interconnect - MPLS, L3VPN and EVPN for Enterprise System Engineers (JNDCI-EVPN-EE)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

DCI High-Level Design
  • Modern Data Center Requirements
  • DCI Use Cases
DCI Backbone Transport Solutions
  • MPLS
  • OTV Part 1: MPLS over GRE
  • OTV Part 2: VXLAN
DCI MPLS Backbone
  • High-Level Design
  • MPLS Transport Basics and Mechanism
  • DCI MPLS Backbone Physical Interface Configuration
  • DCI MPLS Backbone Control Plane IGP
  • DCI MPLS Backbone Control Plane LSP (RSVP and LDP)
  • DCI MPLS Backbone Convergence Enhancements
  • DCI MPLS Control Plane MP-BGP
  • Lab 1 Configuration and Verification of MPLS Backbone
DCI L3 Services
  • L3VPN
  • Lab 2 Configuration and Verification of L3VPN Service
Basic MPLS L2 Services
  • L2VPN
  • VPLS
EVPN and DCI High Level Design
  • EVPN vs Competing Solutions
  • EVPN Transport Solutions
DCI EVPN Hardware Solutions
  • MX and MX-VC
  • EX9200 + EX9200-VC
  • QFX
DCI EVPN Solution
  • EVPN Concepts
    • Single- and Multi-homing Access
    • MAC/IP advertisement
    • BUM traffic and Designated Forwarder
    • DC agility and MAC movement
    • EVPN MP-BGP Route Advertisement
    • EVPN and VLAN interaction
    • EVPN Basic Setup
    • Lab 3 EVPN Basic Setup
DCI L3 and EVPN Coexistence
  • Ethernet VPN and L3 Integration
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Discussion
    • Ethernet VPN Default Gateway Forwarding Verification
    • Lab 4 EVPN plus L3 Gateway and IRB setup
  • DCI WAN Routing
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Discussion
EVPN Solutions
  • Single-homed
  • Dual Homed (active/passive)
  • Dual Homed (active/active)
  • Lab 5 Dual Homed Access Setup and Verification
  • Single VLAN per EVI
  • Multiple VLAN per EVI
  • Lab 6 MultiVLAN Access Setup and Verification
  • L2/L3 Interworking
  • Lab 7 MultiVLAN L2/L3 Setup and Verification
EVPN Special Cases
  • DHCP
  • Server Load Balancing ( IP Anycast)
EVPN Roadmap and Open Features

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