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Create, Secure, and Publish APIs with IBM API Connect v2018 (WD514G)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

IBM API Connect V2018 overview

Exercise: Review the API Connect development and runtime environmentAPI Connect development platformCreating an API definitionExercise: Create an API definition from an existing API

Defining APIs that call REST and SOAP servicesExercise: Define an API that calls an existing SOAP service

Implementing APIs with the LoopBack frameworkExercise: Create a LoopBack application

LoopBack models, properties, and relationshipsDefining data sources with connectors

Exercise: Define LoopBack data sourcesImplementing remote methods and event hooks

Exercise: Implement event-driven functions with remote and operation hooksAssembling message processing policies

Exercise: Assemble message processing policiesDeclaring client authorization requirements Creating an OAuth 2.0 provider

Exercise: Declare an OAuth 2.0 provider and security requirementDeploying an API to a Docker containerExercise: Deploy an API implementation to a container runtime environment

Publishing and managing products and APIs

Exercise: Define and publish an API productSubscribing and testing APIs

Exercise: Subscribe and test APIs

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