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IBM InfoSphere DataStage engine Administration for Information Server v11.5 (KM520G)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Unit 1: Introduction to the Information Server (DataStage) engine • Information Server architecture • How the DataStage Engine is used in Information Server • DataStage Engine features Unit 2: Elements of a DataStage job • Anatomy of a DataStage parallel job • Explore the elements of an example DataStage job, including its stages and job parameters • Understand the OSH that is generated by the job during compile Unit 3: Engine architecture • Partition parallelism • Runtime architecture • Configuration files • The “Score” Unit 4: Engine project configuration • DataStage project authorizations • Runtime Column Propagation (RCP) • Environment variables Unit 5: Configuring database connectivity • Configuring ODBC data sources • Configuring native database connections Unit 6: Running DataStage jobs • Running jobs from the command line • Monitoring jobs in Director and the Operations Console • Workload management • Starting and stopping the Engine Unit 7: Engine utilities • Data set utilities • Multiple job compile • Resource estimation tool Unit 8: Importing and exporting DataStage objects • DataStage Designer exports and imports • Command line exports and imports