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IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administration - Administrative Tasks V11.3 (KM510G)

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Unit 1:  Information Server technical overview

• List the Information Server functional categories

• List the Information Server products and components that support these functional categories

• List the Information Server architectural tiers

Unit 2:  Working with Information Server clients

• Use the Information Server Launch Pad to access Information Server thin clients including the Administrative Console, Information Governance Catalog, and Metadata Asset Manager

• Access Information Server Engine Clients including DataStage, QualityStage, FastTrack, and Information Server Manager

• Access Information Server Console Clients including Information Analyzer and Information Services Director

Unit 3:  Authentication and suite security

• Configure Suite users and groups

• Configure DataStage credentials for Engine users

Unit 4:  Session management

• View a list of active sessions

• View session properties

• Disconnect sessions

• Configure global session properties

Unit 5: Managing reports

• Create and manage report folders

• Create a report

• Run a report

• View report results

Unit 6: Administrative tools

• Session Admin tool

• Directory Command tool

• Encrypt tool

Unit 7:  Managing Information Server repository assets

• Use istool to export and import common metadata assets

• Use istool to query information assets

• Use istool to export and import security assets

• Use istool to export and import reporting assets