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IBM Algorithmics: Integrating Algo Credit Manager (G3005G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1 - Introduction and Product Demo

• Course Overview and course Objectives

• Intended Audience

• Participants Introduction

• Application Introduction and Use Cases

Module 2 - Overview of IBM Credit Manager

• Credit Risk definition

• Role of ACM for credit risk mitigation

• Qualitative risk information

• Risk calculation, credit lifecycle, document management

Module 3 - Planning an ACM installation

• Component definition and description

• Hardware and software requirements

• Deployment options

• Service and GUI applications

Module 4 - Installing ACM

• ACM package deployment on Windows and GNU/Linux

• ACM upgrade deployment

• Creating the initial ACM instance properties file

• Navigating the JLIB environment

Module 5 - Initializing and upgrading ACM databases

• Creating database schemas

• Adding database properties to the ACM instance properties file

• Initializing ACM, BPS, and EVT database schemas

• Checking ACM, BPS, and EVT schema versions

• Running ACM, BPS, and EVT schema upgrade scripts

Module 6 - Web Profiles and Algo Security

• Starting Algo Security and Tomcat

• Creating Logon Profiles

• Functional permissions

• Dual Control

• Third Party Credentials

• Assigning permissions to users, roles, and groups

Module 7 - Additional Services

• Additional JLIB tasks and module sub-services

• Starting additional services (AC, BPS, EVT, Rendition)

• Additional initial deployment tasks

• Verification of all services

Module 8 - ACCE and Daily Maintenance Tasks

• Context switching with ACCE services

• Daily maintenance tasks

• Scripting and scheduling tasks using cron

• Importing a standard edition database backup

Module 9 - Databoxes and Data Interfacing

• Databox types

• Databox guide

• Standard databox structure

• System actin databoxes

• Running databoxes against LCS loader and LCS server

Module 10 - Troubleshooting

• How to use log files to troubleshoot issues.

• Identify the jlib commands that can be used for troubleshooting.

• Common problems faced by ACM administrators.

• Developing a troubleshooting strategy, and using it to create a troubleshooting check-list.