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IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.2.1: Administration (F288G)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

  • Introduction to IBM FileNet Content Manager
    • Introduction to IBM FileNet Content Manager
    • IBM FileNet Content Manager architecture
    • Administration Console for Content Platform Engine
  • Build an object store
    • Build a FileNet Content Repository
    • Work with storage areas
  • Work with object metadata
    • Create document and folder classes
    • Modify classes and properties
    • Create event subscriptions
  • Security
    • Resolve access issues
    • Modify direct security
    • Configure object store security
    • Configure class and property security
    • Configure security inheritance
  • Optimize search performance
    • Use searches with bulk actions
    • Configure Content Search Services
    • Configure index partitions
    • Create content based indexes
    • Optimize CBR queries
  • Migrate applications
    • Application migration overview
    • Plan and prepare for application migration
    • Export the application assets
    • Convert and analyze the FileNet P8 assets
    • Import the application assets
    • Automate deployment operations with FileNet Deployment Manager command line
  • Mange sweep jobs
    • Configure a sweep job
    • Work with sweep policies
  • Auditing and logging
    • Work with system logs
    • Work with audit logs