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Building the IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Infrastructure (D8L76G)

Kursbeschreibung Kurstermine Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Lesson 1: Setting Up the First Server and Administrator

  • Topic 1A: Analyzing a Deployment Plan
  • Topic 1B: Installing the IBM Lotus Domino Server Software
  • Topic 1C: Installing the IBM Lotus Domino Administrator Client Software
  • Topic 1D: Launching and Configuring the First Server
  • Topic 1E: Configuring the First Workstation
  • Topic 1F: Assigning Roles to Administrators and Servers

Lesson 2: Adding IBM Lotus Domino Servers

  • Topic 2A: Registering Servers
  • Topic 2B: Configuring and Starting Additional IBM Lotus Domino Servers

Lesson 3: Adding IBM Lotus Notes Clients

  • Topic 3A: Creating an Organizational Unit Certifier
  • Topic 3B: Registering New Administrators
  • Topic 3C: Registering Users from a File
  • Topic 3D: Replicating Server Document Changes
  • Topic 3E: Setting Up an Administrator Workstation
  • Topic 3F: Verifying the IBM Lotus Domino Installation
  • Topic 3G: Creating Replicas on Multiple Servers

Lesson 4: Administering Users

  • Topic 4A: Creating Groups
  • Topic 4B: Creating an Organizational Policy
  • Topic 4C: Creating and Assigning an Explicit Policy

Lesson 5: Setting Up Server Administration

  • Topic 5A: Customizing the IBM Lotus Domino Administrator Work Environment
  • Topic 5B: Setting Access to Create Databases on the Server
  • Topic 5C: Setting Administration Levels
  • Topic 5D: Setting Logging Levels

Lesson 6: Synchronizing IBM Lotus Domino System Databases

  • Topic 6A: Creating Server Groups for Replication
  • Topic 6B: Creating a Connection Document

Lesson 7: Configuring Basic Intranet Mail Routing

  • Topic 7A: Configuring Notes Named Networks
  • Topic 7B: Implementing a Hub-and-Spoke Mail Routing Topology
  • Topic 7C: Selecting a Mail Storage Format for Incoming Mail

Lesson 8: Configuring Mail Routing to the Internet

  • Topic 8A: Enabling the SMTP Listener Task
  • Topic 8B: Configuring Basic SMTP Settings
  • Topic 8C: Restricting Internet Mail Delivery
  • Topic 8D: Enabling Whitelist and Blacklist Filters
  • Topic 8E: Configuring Extended SMTP (E/SMTP) Options
  • Topic 8F: Configuring Internet Addressing
  • Topic 8G: Testing SMTP

Lesson 9: Establishing Mail Controls

  • Topic 9A: Configuring Router Restrictions
  • Topic 9B: Implementing Message Disclaimers
  • Topic 9C: Implementing Mail Delivery Controls
  • Topic 9D: Implementing Mail Transfer Controls
  • Topic 9E: Configuring Multiple Server Mailboxes

Lesson 10: Implementing Mail Rules and Storage Limits

  • Topic 10A: Creating and Activating a Server Mail Rule
  • Topic 10B: Enabling Mail Journaling
  • Topic 10C: Implementing Blacklist Tag and Whitelist Tag Mail Rule Conditions
  • Topic 10D: Establishing Mail Quotas
  • Topic 10E: Controlling Inbox Size with Inbox Maintenance
  • Topic 10F: Archiving Mail

Lesson 11: Monitoring Mail

  • Topic 11A: Verifying Routing and Checking Mail Delivery
  • Topic 11B: Enabling Mail Statistics
  • Topic 11C: Enabling Message Tracking
  • Topic 11D: Configuring Message Recall

Lesson 12: Resolving Common Mail Routing Problems

  • Topic 12A: Sending a Mail Trace
  • Topic 12B: Restarting the Router
  • Topic 12C: Forcing Mail Routing
  • Topic 12D: Resolving Undelivered and Dead Mail