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IBM Cognos Analytics: Enterprise Administration (v11.0.x) (B6155G)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Introduction to IBM Cognos Analytics administration • IBM Cognos Analytics components • Administration workflow • IBM Cognos Administration • IBM Cognos Configuration

Identify IBM Cognos Analytics architecture • Features of the IBM Cognos Analytics architecture • Examine the multi-tiered architecture, and identify logging types and files • Examine IBM Cognos Analytics servlets • Performance and installation planning • Balance the request load • Configure IBM Cognos Analytics

Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment • Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics security model • Define authentication in IBM Cognos Analytics • Define authorization in IBM Cognos Analytics • Identify security policies • Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment

Administer the IBM Cognos Analytics server environment • Administer IBM Cognos Analytics servers • Monitor system performance • Manage dispatchers and services • Tune system performance, and troubleshoot the server • Audit logging • Dynamic cube data source administration workflow

Manage run activities • View current, past, and upcoming activities • Manage schedules

Manage content in IBM Cognos Administration • Data sources and packages • Manage visualizations in the library • Deployment • Other content management tasks

Examine departmental administration capabilities • Create and manage team members • Manage activities • Create and manage content and data • Manage system settings • Manage Themes, Extensions, and Views • Share services with multiple tenants


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