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IBM SPSS Survey Reporter (Base) (V6.0.1) (0M307G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Server Project Setup and Access

  • Definition: Interviewer Server Administration
  • Project Management
  • Working in a Shared Environment

Opening and Exploring Survey Reporter

  • Accessing Survey Reporter
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Analysis Methodology

Difference Between Datasets and Table Documents

  • Sources of Survey Data
  • The Table Document
  • Saving Analysis

Designing and Managing Tables

  • Aggregate table designs
  • Creating a Basic Frequency Table
  • Adding and Nesting Questions
  • Bulk Table Creation
  • Managing Tables

Publishing Results

  • Definition: Different Publishing Options
  • Printing Results
  • Exporting to Microsoft Office
  • Exporting to Web Pages
  • Exporting to Delimited Text File

Table Presentation

  • Definition: Headers and Footers
  • Assigning Headers and Footers

Table Properties

  • Definition: Table Properties
  • Cell Content Properties
  • Sorting Rows and Columns
  • Hiding Cells
  • Remember Table Annotations

Working with Grids

  • Definition: What Are Grid Questions
  • Creating Grid Questions
  • Tabulating Default Grid
  • Tabulating Transposed Grid
  • Tabulating Grid Slices

Editing Question Responses

  • Editing Questions
  • Editing Categorical Questions
  • Editing Numeric Questions
  • Editing Text Questions

Excluding Cases

  • Definition: Base Calculation
  • Filters
  • Creating an Interview Filter
  • Creating a Global Filter
  • Creating a Table Filter

Creating New Questions

  • Copying a Question
  • Merging Questions
  • Question with Derived Responses
  • Question from Existing Table Axis

Applying Weighting

  • Definition: What is Weighting
  • Weighting Tables
  • Advanced Weighting Options

Statistical Testing

  • Definition: What is Statistical Testing
  • Column Proportions and Means Testing
  • Listing Respondent Values
  • Definition: Profile Tables
  • Creating Profile Tables