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IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting (Intermediate Data Management) (0M2A5G)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Lesson 2: Survey files and data
  • Explain how hierarchical survey content is stored and referenced
  • Modify data
Lesson 3: The Data Management process
  • Create references to external files
  • Build global text substitutions
  • Explain the concept and process of Weighting
Lesson 4: Options for reading data in and out
  • Explain how to ´modify´ data record selection
  • Explain the customized connection property option
Lesson 5: Adding derived survey variables
  • Demonstrate building a ´dynamically´ derived variable
  • Explain how to create our weighting variable
Lesson 6: Actions prior to opening input data
  • Explain how to script against the survey metadata file
Lesson 7: Actions after reading Input data
  • Explain how to use the WScript.Shell object
  • Explain how to use the VBScript.RegExp object
Lesson 8: Using subroutines and functions
  • Explain and create subroutines
  • Explain and create functions
Lesson 9: Looping through records
  • List additional best practices associated with modifying records
  • Describe more involved cleaning solutions
Lesson 10: Error Handling
  • Explain the error object and the different ways of handling errors
Lesson 11: Actions prior to closing output data
  • Define and explain the weighted solutions available
Lesson 12: Actions after data output closed
  • Deploy automation at the end of the solution