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IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting (Intro to Data Management) (0M295G)

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Introduction to Data Management
  • Define what data management is
  • Explain the various object models associated with a data management script
  • Explain the connection to the other Data Collection objects for Interviewing and table generation
  • Step through the operational events within a data management solution
  • List the Data Collection products required
Survey Files and Data
  • Explain the premise behind the Data Collection data model
  • Explain how survey content is stored
  • Explain how the data can be accessed and interpreted
Simple Data Management Script
  • Explain the options when creating a new file
  • Explain an input data reference
  • Organize code in a script
  • Create an output data reference
  • Monitor the solution
  • View and verify the exported data
Options for Reading Data In and Out
  • List the formats of other relevant data types
  • Restrict the data view
  • List the available connection options
Adding Survey Variables
  • Explain the format for adding a variable
  • Explain the format for modifying an existing variable
Actions Prior to Opening Input Data
  • Define the syntax
  • Understand the mrScriptBasic language
  • Explain using external objects
Actions After Reading Input Data
  • Define the syntax
  • Understand the built-in global objects
  • Modify properties of variables in the Input source
  • Explain options to troubleshoot or verify code in a script
Looping Through Records
  • Define the syntax
  • Utilize the dmgrJob intrinsic object
  • Define the code required to write content to our global objects
  • Explain the Data Collection DataCleaning system variables
  • List the scripting best practices associated with this event
Actions Prior to Closing Output Data
  • Define the syntax
  • Close and destroy global instances
Actions After Data Output Closed
  • Define the syntax
  • Understand and explain the usage context
Resolving Issues
  • Understand options to resolve scripting issues within Base Professional
  • Explain how to contact and resolve issues with support
  • List other resources available