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IBM SPSS Data Collection Scripting: (Survey Creation) Level I (V6.0) (0M206G)

Kursbeschreibung Kurstermine Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Chapter 1. Introduction to SPSS IBM Data Collection Scripting
  • About IBM Business Analytics
  • Product name references
  • Introduction to the Data Collection Scripting Survey Creation Course
  • Data Collection Scripting
  • The Survey Scripting Process
  • Coding Standards and Conventions
  • Curly, Square or Round?
  • The Widgets Inc Customer Satisfaction Survey
Chapter 2. The Script Development Environment
  • Introduction
  • Starting Author Professional
  • The Main Panels and Menus
  • Opening and Creating Interview Script
  • Boilerplate Interview Scripts - Using Templates
  • Packaging an entire project
  • Organizing your Survey Files - Using Workspaces
  • Options Within Author Professional
Chapter 3. Accessing Developer Library
  • Introduction
  • Bookmarks
  • Sharing DDL Locations
  • Searching for DDL content
  • Additional DDL content
Chapter 4. Creating Questions with Typed Responses
  • Introduction
  • Information Items
  • Basic Question Types
  • Numeric (Long) Questions
  • Numeric (Double) Questions
  • Open Text Questions
  • Boolean (True/False) Questions
  • Date and Time Questions
  • Using AutoAnswer to progress through the interview
Chapter 5. Creating Questions with Categorical Response Options
  • Introduction
  • Simple Categorical Questions
  • Basic Question Syntax
  • Response Names and Response Texts
  • How Many Responses Can Be Chosen
  • Assigning keycode values to responses
  • Single-Choice Responses in Multiple Response Lists
  • Subheadings in Response Lists
  • Syntax for Specifying Subheadings in a Categorical question
Chapter 6. Handling Special Responses
  • Introduction
  • Additional General Information:
  • Special Responses in a Categorical Question
  • Using an "Other" category
  • Using Other Specify Within Subheadings
  • Adding Special Category Codes onto Text or Numeric Questions
Chapter 7. Sorting and Ordering Categorical Responses
  • Introduction
  • Responses with Fixed Positions in the Response List
Chapter 8. Setting Up for Analysis
  • Introduction
  • Adding Factor Values to Categories
  • Preparing for Tabulation of Questions
  • Adding Alternative Analysis Labels
  • Adding Analysis Values for Export
Chapter 9. Creating Basic Routing Logic
  • Introduction
  • Routing Section
  • Your Editing Assistant: Author Professional´s ScriptAssist
  • Organizing Your Windows
  • Asking Questions
  • Displaying Answers to Questions
  • Creating Routing Statements Using the Metadata View Pane
  • Annotating the Script with Comments
  • Temporarily Disabling a Section of Script
  • Finding and Understanding Respondent´s Answers to Questions
  • Setting up Conditional Logic in the Routing Script
  • Logical Evaluations
  • Using Functions to Set up Testing Logic
  • Jump Statements
Chapter 10. Sharing Category Lists Across Questions
  • Introduction
  • Creating a Shared List
  • Using a Shared List as the Response List of a Categorical Question
Chapter 11. Creating and Using Macros
  • Introduction
  • Working with Macros
  • Default Routing Script Macros
  • Using a Macro
  • Creating a New Macro
  • Editing Existing Macros
  • Deleting Existing Macros
Chapter 12. Restricting Displayed Responses
  • Introduction
  • Filtering Categories
  • Restricting responses to those answered in a previous question
  • Restricting Responses to Those Not Answered
  • Defining your Own Filter Categories
  • Combining Categories from Questions on a Filter
  • Resetting the Categories Back to the Full List
Chapter 13. Testing your Questionnaire
  • Introduction
  • Testing with Auto Answer
  • Running Multiple Interviews Automatically
  • Saving AutoAnswer Data Values to a database
  • Debugging Different Error Types
  • Stepping Through the Code
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Skipping to a Specific Place in an Interview Script
  • Examining the Answers to Questions
  • Viewing and Setting Answers to Questions
  • Showing Line Numbers
Chapter 14. Asking Grid Questions and Repeating Questions
  • Introduction
  • How Loops and Grids Work
  • Creating Categorical Grids
  • Numeric Grids
  • Mixing question types in a single grid
  • Repeating Questions Across Pages - Asking a Loop
  • Specifying Question Texts on Loops and Grids
  • Filtering Grids and Loops
Chapter 15. Inserting Texts into Questions
  • Introduction
  • Text Inserts for Question Texts
  • Inserting Answers to Previous Questions
  • Specifying the Insertion Text in the Routing Script
  • Handling Text Insertions with Multi-Language/Multi-Context Studies
Chapter 16. Enhancing the Flow of the Survey
  • Introduction
  • Adding and Controlling Page headings
  • Controlling Navigation Buttons
  • Calculating and Storing Values
  • Setting Initial and Default Response Values
  • Setting the Size of a Text/Numeric Input Box
  • Setting Category Ordering in the Routing Section
  • Setting the Interview Language
  • Setting the End of Interview Text
Chapter 17. Displaying Multiple Questions on a Page
  • Introduction
  • Listing Multiple Questions on a Page
  • Page filters
Chapter 18. Controlling Page and Question Layout
  • Introduction
  • Page Templates
  • Styles
  • Controlling the Presentation Through Routing Script
  • Formatting Individual Word in Question Texts
  • Putting Line Breaks into Texts
Chapter 19. Working with Participant Records
  • Introduction
  • Offline testing of Participant Management
  • Setting up the Offline Participant Record file
  • Telling Author Professional to use a Project Specific xsu file.
  • Retrieving Sample Management Information Within the Script
  • Saving Sample Information in the Survey Database
  • Updating Sample Information in the Participant Database
Chapter 20. Activating Interview Scripts
  • Introduction
  • Final scripting options to consider, before deploying
  • Local or Server deployment
  • Server Deployment - Before Activating with Author Professional for the First Time
  • Server Deployment - Using the Activation Option in Author Professional
  • Survey Deployment - The Activation Process
  • Survey Deployment - Activation console
  • Local Deployment
  • When to Reactivate Interview Scripts
  • Other deployment options