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Introduction to Time Series Analysis Using IBM SPSS Modeler (v18.1.1) (0A028G)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

1: Introduction to time series analysis• Explain what a time series analysis is• Describe how time series models work• Demonstrate the main principles behind a time series forecasting model2: Automatic forecasting with the Expert Modeler• Examine fit and error• Examine unexplained variation• Examine how the Expert Modeler chooses the best fitting time series model3: Measuring model performance• Discuss various ways to evaluate model performance• Evaluate model performance of an ARIMA model• Test a model using a holdout sample4: Time series regression• Use regression to fit a model with trend, seasonality and predictors• Handling predictors in time series analysis• Detect and adjust the model for autocorrelation• Use a regression model to forecast future values5: Exponential smoothing models• Types of exponential smoothing models• Create a custom exponential smoothing model• Forecast future values with exponential smoothing• Validate an exponential smoothing model with future data6: ARIMA modeling• Explain what ARIMA is• Learn how to identify ARIMA model types• Use sequence charts and autocorrelation plots to manually identify an ARIMA model that fits the data• Check your results with the Expert Modeler