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IT Business Analytics 10.x Administration (ITBA350)

Kursbeschreibung Kurstermine Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Course Overview
  • Course objectives
  • Class topic schedule
  • Daily schedule
  • Instructor and student introductions
  • Class Logistics
  • Participants requests
  • HP MyRoom tour
  • MyRoom toolbar
  • Indicating your status
  • Annotations
  • Information about eBooks
  • Related courses and learning path
  • Certification
  • Summary
  • Feedback
Module 1: Reviewing IT Business Analytics
  • Define ITBA and describe the value that it can bring to your organization
  • Describe how ITBA aligns with your IT goals
  • State the product goals of ITBA
  • Describe the basic features of ITBA
  • Name the executive personas contained within ITBA
  • Describe the Data Warehouse and its use within ITBA
  • Discuss the architecture of ITBA at a high level
Module 2: Using the Administration Tab
  • Manage users, groups, roles, resources, and permissions
  • Initialize, activate, and deactivate data sources
  • Manage an ETL run
  • Create KPIs for a data source
Module 3: Conducting Data Warehouse Basic Integrations
  • Use the Context Designer page and wizard
  • Describe how to extend a universe
  • Load business use cases from Excel
  • List the advantages and the challenges presented by ITBA for administrators
  • Schedule Excel file uploads
Module 4: Using Content Acceleration Packs
  • View the available CAPs
  • Activate and deactivate CAPs
  • Download, upload, modify, and create CAPs
Module 5: Performing IT Business Analytics Maintenance
  • Modify the number of pages displayed in the Dashboard
  • Show and hide debug properties
  • Back up the Data Warehouse and ITBA
Module 6: Using Reporting Tools
  • Identify the different Web Intelligence reports
  • Manage the Dashboard views for reporting
  • Use the Xcelsius chart view
Module 7: Troubleshooting IT Business Analytics
  • List vital troubleshooting signs
  • List the log filenames and locations
  • Troubleshoot the ETL
  • Troubleshoot data sources

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