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Asset Manager 9.x Modules (AM330)

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Detaillierter Kursinhalt

Module 1 – Course Overview
  • Course objectives
  • Class topic schedule
  • Daily schedule
  • Instructor and student introductions
  • Class logistics
  • Participants requests
  • MyRoom tour
  • MyRoom toolbar
  • Indicating your status
  • Annotations
  • Information about eBooks
  • Related courses and learning path
  • Certification
  • Summary
  • Feedback
Module 2 – Asset Management Overview
  • Describe the evolutionary approach to Asset Management
  • Differentiate between assets and CIs
  • Federate IT assets with UCMDB
  • Differentiate between CI attributes and Asset attributes
  • Describe the Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) solution architecture
  • Describe the UCMDB-to-AM integration
  • Prepare the database to be able to access the AM modules
Module 3 – Procurement Management
  • Manage catalogs
  • Manage requests
  • Manage estimates and purchase orders
  • Manage receipts and returns
  • Manage invoices
  • Describe the procurement cycle
Module 4 – Financial Management
  • Describe who uses financials
  • Explain currencies
  • Explain exchange rates
  • Describe expenses and budgets
Module 5 – Contract Management
  • Identify the different types of contracts and who uses contracts
  • Describe the purpose of the Contract module
  • Describe the Contracts Data Model
  • Identify the Contract module requirements
  • Describe the terminology used in the Contract module
  • Describe the different types of contracts
  • Describe the leasing procedure
  • Describe a master lease
  • Work with a lease schedule
Module 6 – Work Orders
  • Describe the different types of work orders
  • Describe the evolution of a work order
  • Track work orders
Module 7 – Software Asset Management
  • Identify who should be involved in the management of the software
  • Describe the purpose and benefits of software management
  • Implement software management
  • Describe the software license
  • Install the software
  • Describe software counters
  • Ensure that the software is in compliance
  • Manage software contracts
  • Manage software license and installations
  • Define user rights and add and remove software
  • Manage software license compliance
  • Describe software counters
Module 8 – Configuring Crystal Reports
  • Describe the required components of Crystal Reports
  • Identify the key points of the installation
  • Locate the stored reports
  • Describe how reports are referenced
  • Summarize the limitations of the integration

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