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Operating and Implementing Cisco WAN Automation Engine (WAE200)

Detaillierter Kursinhalt

WAE Solution and Architecture Overview
  • Examining WAE
  • Examining WAE Architecture and Design
  • Examining WAE Applications and Use Cases
WAE Solution Implementation
  • Planning a WAE Deployment
  • Deploying WAE
  • Describing WAE Integration Options
Network Model Configuration
  • Describing the Collection Process
  • Describing Network Interface Modules
  • Creating Network Models
  • Configuring WAE Modeling Daemon
WAE Automation Bandwidth Applications
  • Deploying Bandwidth on Demand Application
  • Deploying Bandwidth Optimization Application
WAE Design Fundamentals
  • Getting Started with WAE Design
  • Describing Demands and Traffic Tools
  • Modeling Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) and BGP
  • Describing Failures and Simulation Analysis
WAE Design Traffic Engineering and Optimization
  • Engineering Traffic by Using Metrics
  • Engineering Traffic by Using Resource Reservation Protocol with Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE)
  • Engineering Traffic by Using Segment Routing-Traffic Engineering (SR-TE)
  • Engineering Traffic by Using Latency Constraints
  • Modeling Quality of Service (QoS)
Introduction to WAE API
  • Introducing WAE Design Remote Procedure Call (RPC) API
  • Introducing WAE Optimization and Prediction Module (OPM) API
  • Introducing WAE Server Representational State Transfer Configuration Protocol (RESTCONF) and Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) APIs
WAE Live Deployment
  • Describing the Components of WAE Live
  • Configuring WAE Live
  • Explaining WAE Live Features
Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Maintaining WAE
  • Troubleshooting WAE
Lab outline
  • Virtual Learning Lab – Getting Started
  • WAE Server Setup and Configuration
  • Bandwidth on Demand Application
  • Bandwidth Optimization Application
  • Getting Started with WAE Design
  • Describing Traffic with Demands
  • Failures and Simulation Analysis
  • Engineering Traffic Using Metrics
  • Engineering Traffic Using RSVP-TE and SR-TE
  • WAE Design API
  • Configuring WAE Live
  • WAE Live Features