Order and Service Management: Defining Automations & Behaviors (Self-Study Course)



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  • Technischer Berater
  • Businessanalytiker


  • Oracle Communications Order and Service Management documentation


  • Use automations to configure and automatically run custom XSLT, XQuery, and Java code
  • Use behaviors to customize data validation and data presentation in the Task Web Client


  • Course Introduction
  • Defining Automations
    • Understanding the Automation Component
    • Defining Automated Tasks and Notifications
    • Understanding Automations
    • Defining Automations for Predefined Plug-Ins
    • Creating Custom Plug-Ins
    • Defining Automations for Custom Plug-Ins
    • Building, Deploying, and Running Automations
    • Exploring Additional Automation Examples
  • Defining Behaviors
    • Understanding Behaviors
    • Defining Behaviors: Read Only, Relevant, Event, Information
    • Defining Behaviors: Calculation, Constraint, Style
    • Defining Behaviors: Data Instance, Lookup
    • OSM Evaluation Process
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