Oracle Hyperion Smart View 11.1.1 for Essbase (Self-Study Course)



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  • Describe Smart View
  • Install Smart View Client
  • Connect to Essbase
  • Create ad hoc queries and advanced reports
  • Embed dynamic data points into Microsoft Office documents
  • Import Workspace content into Microsoft Office
  • Explore data graphically in Oracle® Essbase Visual Explorer
  • Explain the multidimensional analysis and database outline hierarchy


  • Introduction to Smart View
    • Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Essbase Overview
    • Smart View Architecture
    • Installing Smart View Client
    • Enabling and Disabling Smart View
    • Smart View Excel Interface
    • Data Source Providers
    • Working with Data Source Manager
  • Creating Ad Hoc Analysis Reports
    • Connecting to Data Sources
    • Creating Ad Hoc Grids
    • Creating Free-form Grids
  • Setting Smart View Options and Managing POVs
    • Setting Smart View Ad Hoc Options
    • Setting Smart View Display Options
    • Displaying Aliases for Member Names
    • Setting, Saving and Sharing Points of View
  • Creating Advanced Reports
    • Working with Query Designer
    • Executing MDX Queries
    • Retrieving Data for DTS Members
    • Retrieving Data for Attribute Dimensions
    • Working with Excel Formulas
    • Creating Formatted Reports
    • Creating Asymmetric Reports
  • Working with Smart Slices and Report Designer
    • Creating Smart Slices
    • Setting Smart Slice Preferences
    • Adding Queries and Subqueries to Report Designer
    • Modifying Smart Slices
    • Report Designer: Overview
    • Creating Queries
    • Cascading Smart Slice Reports and Ad Hoc Grids
    • Cascading Smart Slice Report
  • Embedding Dynamic Data Points
    • Embedding Dynamic Data in Word and PowerPoint
    • Changing the POV for Dynamic Data Points
    • Managing the POVs for Multiple Data Points
  • Importing Workspace Documents into Microsoft Office
    • Integrating Workspace Documents with Microsoft Office
    • Import Formats
    • Editing and Refreshing Documents
  • Analyzing Data Graphically in Visual Explorer
    • Visual Explorer Overview
    • Exploring Data Graphically
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