Hyperion Financial Mgmt 4.1 for Business Users (Self-Study Course)



  • Businessanalytiker


  • Adjust data with journals
  • Manage the financial review cycle using Process Control
  • View reports
  • Use the Smart View Excel Add-in
  • Add data to an application
  • Work with intercompany transactions


  • Getting Started with Financial Management
    • Introduction to Financial Management
    • Getting Started with Data Forms
  • Adding Data to the Application
    • Loading Data from a File
    • Entering Data Using a Data Form
    • Entering Data Using a Data Grid
    • Working with Intercompany Transactions
  • Making Data Adjustments
    • Adjusting Data with Journals
    • Processing Journals
    • Reporting on Journals
  • Consolidating Data
    • Running Consolidations
    • Creating Intercompany Matching Reports
    • Submitting and Locking Data
  • Using Financial Reporting to View Reports
  • Analyzing Data with Smart View
    • Getting Started with Smart View
    • Performing Ad Hoc Analysis
    • Performing Analysis with Functions
  • Entering Data Using Data Forms in Smart View
    • Opening Data Forms
    • Navigating Data Forms
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