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Enforcing Governance in IBM WebSphere DataPower V5.0 (SPVC)



This course is designed for integration developers who configure service policies on IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances to support governance.


You should have experience in using the WebGUI to develop services and service policies on a DataPower appliance. Some knowledge of WebSphere Service Registry and Repository is helpful for understanding the interactions between DataPower and the registry.


In this course, you learn how DataPower can interact with a UDDI and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository to enforce service governance.

SOA governance focuses on governing the lifecycle of services to ensure the business value of SOA. It determines who should monitor, define, and authorize changes to services within the enterprise. A DataPower appliance, acting as a gateway to the enterprise web services, can be used to support SOA governance. Some of the governance is expressed in WS-Policy files, and these files are used to provide the governance within the DataPower services. WebSphere Service Registry and Repository can push governance updates to DataPower, and DataPower handles the changes by using automatic policy synchronization.

This course presents WS-Policy and several related specifications, and examines their support within DataPower. It explains and demonstrates the automated synchronization between DataPower and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. The course also defines Service Level Definitions (SLDs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and examines their WS-Policy specifications. Demonstrations throughout the course show examples of WS-Policy-based governance that is defined in WebSphere Service Registry and Repository and enforced in DataPower.

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