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Integrating Functions, Procedures and Algorithms with IBM SPSS Statistics SPVC



This course is a natural follow-on to the introductory SPSS Statistics Syntax I course and is designed for experienced users wishing to extend the funcationality of the IBM SPSS Statistics software with custom routines, external algorithms.


You should have:

  • Advanced knowledge of IBM SPSS Statistics and completion of the Data Management and Manupilation with IBM SPSS Statistics, Syntax 1.


This is the self paced training version of ""Integrating Functions, Procedures and Algorithms with IBM SPSS Statistics"" classroom course. This self-paced training course will cover educate the attendee on how to integrate custom programming functions with IBM SPSS Statistics. Topics covered include:

  • Understand and explain the concepts and benefits of programmability
  • Locate information on and install existing extension commands
  • Create custom dialog boxes
  • Create syntax definitions for extension commands
  • Create extension commands in Python or R

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E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
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