Cisco UCS Director Foundation (UCSDF)




  • Use UCS Director as an End User
  • Cisco UCS Director Guided Setup
  • Cisco UCS Director Customization
  • Add Virtual and Physical Accounts
  • Create Policies, VDCs, and Catalogs
  • Self Service Portal and VM Provisioning
  • Chargeback and Reports
  • Orchestration
  • Provision VM Using ISO
  • VM Administration
  • SCVMM Integration
  • VM Provisioning on SCVMM
  • Install and configure Cisco UCS Director Bare-Metal Agent
  • Adding UCS Director BMA to UCS Director using GUI
  • Configuring UCS Manager using UCS Director
  • Adding UCS Director Physical Compute Policies
  • Configuring UCS Service Profiles using UCS Director
  • Adding UCS Director Physical Network Policies
  • Monitoring and Managing Network Elements in UCS Director
  • Creating Workflows for Network provisioning
  • UCS Director Storage Management and Monitoring