Siebel 8.0 Customer Order Management: Quote to Order (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers

Course Objectives

  • Understand the COM Quote-to-Order process
  • Perform asset-based ordering
  • Administer lists of values (LOVs)
  • Configure quote and order validation
  • Configure quote and order approvals
  • Administer outbound ASI Web Services
  • Customize COM Signals

Product Description

  • Quote to Order Overview
    • Define quotes, orders, and assets
    • Describe the overall quote-to-order process
  • Creating Contacts and Accounts
    • Define Contacts and Accounts
    • Create Contacts
    • Create Accounts
  • The Quote to Order Process
    • Create and Configure Quotes
    • Convert Quotes to Orders
    • Submit Orders
    • Revise Submitted Orders
  • Asset Based Ordering
    • Configure Products for Asset-Based Ordering
    • Perform Asset-Based Ordering
    • Modify Assets
    • Deactivate Assets
    • Suspend or Resume Assets
  • Administering Lists of Values (LOVs)
    • Administer Lists of Values
    • List Commonly-Used LOVs for COM
  • Siebel Foundational Concepts
    • Describe Business Components and Business Objects
    • Describe Workflow Processes and Business Services
    • Describe Runtime Events
  • Validation and Approvals
    • Configure Data Validation
    • Configure Approvals
  • Calculation Services
    • Define Application Services Interfaces (ASIs)
    • List ASIs Used in the Quote-to-Order Process
    • Describe How to Configure COM ASIs as Outbound Web Services
    • Configure the Siebel Shipping Calculation Service
  • Signals
    • Define Signals
    • Customize COM Signals
Price (excl. tax)

702.- €