Hyperion Master Data Mgmt 9.0 for Business Users (Self-Study CD Course)


Who should attend

  • Business analysts

Course Objectives

  • Navigate the Hyperion MDM user interface
  • Edit hierarchies
  • Search hierarchies
  • Create and run property queries
  • Compare hierarchies
  • Verify business rules
  • Create reports
  • Describe the key concepts and terminology of Hyperion MDM

Product Description

  • Introduction to Hyperion MDM
    • Master Data Management Overview
    • Master Data Management Concepts and Terminology
  • Hyperion MDM Interface
    • Launching the Hyperion MDM Client
    • Navigating the Hyperion MDM Client
  • Modifying Hierarchies
    • Editing Hierarchies
    • Working with Properties
    • Searching for Nodes
  • Advanced User Tasks
    • Working with Property Queries
    • Comparing Hierarchies
    • Verifying and Reporting on Master Data
Price (excl. tax)

561.- €