Hyperion Planning 4.1 for Business Users (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • End users
  • Business analysts


  • Basic Microsoft Windows skills
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets

Course Objectives

  • Enter and adjust data using Planning data forms and Smart View
  • Calculate data by launching business rules from the Web
  • Manage the planning workflow using Process Management and Task Lists
  • View financial reports in Workspace

Product Description

  • Introducing Planning
    • Features of Planning
    • Benefits of Planning
    • Logging On to Planning
  • Creating Plans
    • Opening Data Forms
    • Viewing Form Data
    • Identifying Planning Dimensions
    • Showing and Hiding Children
    • Changing the Page Member Selection
  • Entering Data on Data Forms
    • Typing Values in Cells
    • Spreading Data Using Summary Time Periods
    • Copying Data
    • Refreshing and Saving Data
    • Calculating Totals
  • Creating Plans Using a Spreadsheet
    • Smart View Overview
    • Managing Data Source Connections
    • Working with Data Forms
    • Changing the Page Member Selection
    • Calculating Data in Spreadsheets
    • Saving Data
    • Working Offline
  • Promoting Plan Data for Review
    • Accessing the Process Management Page
    • Promoting an Entity to a Reviewer
  • Refining Plans
    • Adjusting Values by a Percentage and Using Mathematical Operators
    • Adding Account Annotations
    • Adding Planning Unit Annotations
    • Adding Supporting Detail
  • Managing Plan Data
    • Calculating Data with Business Rules
    • Accessing the Launch Business Rules Page
    • Viewing Business Rules by Plan Type
    • Entering Data in Driver Accounts
    • Launching Business Rules
  • Working with Currencies
    • Converting form data from a local currency to a reporting currency
    • Overriding the default currency when entering data in a form
  • Copying Data Between Versions
    • Accessing the Copy Version page
    • Selecting the entities to copy data
    • Copying data between versions
  • Managing Planning Workflows
    • Identifying the process status of a planning unit
    • Changing the Process State for an Entity
    • Signing Off a Planning Unit
    • Approving a Planning Unit
    • Working with Task Lists
  • Viewing Financial Reports in Workspace
    • Logging On to Hyperion System 9 BI+ Workspace
    • Opening Reports
    • Viewing Reports
    • Changing the Point of View
    • Changing Page Members
    • Printing Reports
Price (excl. tax)

702.- €