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IBM WebSphere Business Compass V7: Administration and Team Collaboration (SPVC)


Who should attend

This intermediate course is designed for:

  • Business analysts
  • Business leaders
  • Implementation consultants
  • Project managers
  • Support engineers
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Customers who need training in WebSphere Business Compass


You should have fundamental knowledge of WebSphere Business Modeler V7 and business process design and analysis.

Product Description

This course introduces students to the administration and collaboration features of IBM WebSphere Business Compass V7, which is part of the IBM Business Process Management (BPM) Suite. WebSphere Business Compass supports collaboration on process design and improvement by enabling various users across an organization to publish business information to the Web, including business processes, process models, organization charts, dashboard designs, and user interface form images.

The course begins with an overview of BPM and WebSphere Business Compass, and then explains how to set up and manage users and groups for access management. You will learn how to use Business Compass to create, manage, and publish business design documents so that you can enable the collaborative definition and transformation of their business. Topics covered include defining and validating process maps, building organization charts, publishing business process models, and performing team collaboration with draft artifacts. You will also learn concepts such as business capabilities, process collaboration, and business vocabularies, and perform process advisor and process walkthroughs that help business users define the process design review. The enhanced new PowerPoint export capability for the BPMN process is also covered in this course.

Hands-on lab exercises include how to create business processes using a business-user-friendly Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) V2.0 subset and BPMN service editor. The exercises also let you explore various kinds of business documents with the Business Design Space, including strategy maps, process maps, and organization charts. Further exercises let you import process maps into WebSphere Business Modeler, and publish process models to the reviewing space offered by WebSphere Business Compass for team collaboration.

For information about other related courses, visit the IBM Training website: http://www.ibm.com/training

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E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
Price (excl. tax)

330.- €