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Correspondence Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling w/ IBM SPSS Categories SPVC


Who should attend

If you are a IBM SPSS Statistics (formerly SPSS Statistics) user in any application field who wants to learn more about Correspondence analysis, and Multidimensional Scaling, this course will be of interest to you.


You should have experience with IBM SPSS Statistics or SPSS Statistics or completion of the Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics (Intermediates) course. Intermediate statistical knowledge or at least one college level course in statistics is helpful.

Product Description

This is the self paced training version of "Correspondence Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling w/ IBM SPSS Categories" classroom course. This self paced training course will focus on how to perform Correspondence Analysis and Multi-Dimensional Scaling using procedures in the IBM SPSS Categories add-on module in IBM SPSS Statistics. Learn how to use correspondence analysis to examine the relationship of categorical data and display these relationships on perceptual maps. Learn about multidimensional scaling and preference scaling techniques to examine similarities and dissimilarities among objects such as product brands and features and customer preferences. These techniques are useful in any circumstance where you need to analyze and display graphically the correspondence among categorical data. This self paced training course will review the basic logic of these techniques, how to setup the analysis and examine the results using a variety of usage examples and hands-on exercises.

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E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
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