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Predicting Continuous Targets Using IBM SPSS Modeler SPVC


Who should attend

This intermediate course follows the Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler and Data Mining course and is essential for anyone who wishes to become familiar with a number of modeling techniques available in IBM SPSS Modeler used to predict a continuous target. This would include Data Analysts and analytics business users.


You should have:

  • Experience using IBM SPSS Modeler


  • Prior completion of Introduction to IBM SPSS Modeler and Data Mining.

An introductory course in statistics, or equivalent experience, is helpful.

Product Description

This is the self paced training version of "Predicting Continuous Targets Using IBM SPSS Modeler" classroom course. Predicting Continuous Targets Using IBM SPSS Modeler is a one day, self-paced training, intermediate level course that provides an overview of how to use Modeler to predict a target field that describes numeric values. Some examples include: predicting the length of subscription (for newspapers, telecommunication), predicting claim amount (insurance), predicting donation amount (charity), predicting revenues (sales).

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E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)
Price (excl. tax)

330.- €