IBM WebSphere Application Server V7 Security (WU611G)

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Who should attend

This intermediate course is for experienced WebSphere Application Server administrators who want to deepen their understanding of securing the application server and its environment.


Students should have experience administering WebSphere Application Server, specifically the configuration of security aspects of the application server.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the conceptual differences between administrative security, application security, and Java 2 security
  • Configure WebSphere Application Server to limit administrative console access to specific users
  • Create and configure a security domain representing the administrative security configuration and application configuration
  • Configure fine-grained administrative access to specific parts of a cell
  • Define security constraints and security roles for a web application
  • Map special subjects and user groups to security roles
  • Configure the VMM security manager feature that allows the VMM to function either with or without all of its repositories available
  • Explain the differences between symmetric and asymmetric key encryption
  • Describe how digital signatures are generated and validated
  • Configure secure communication between a client and a server
  • Explain how certificates and certificate authorities provide secure communication
  • Configure SSL for the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connection to the database
  • Configure SSL within the cell
  • Create and configure cross-cell authentication between two cells
  • Harden the security configuration of the application server and its environment
  • Modify the performance of security features in WebSphere Application Server
  • Explain the cost of security in various areas, specifically core JEE, messaging, and web services
  • Perform problem determination tasks that are related to authentication, authorization, and SSL errors
  • Tune the WebSphere Application Server security runtime through custom property and administrative console configuration

Course Content

  • Course introduction
  • WebSphere Application Server security 101 - global security
  • WebSphere Application Server security 201 - global security
  • Exercises overview
  • Exercise: Administrative access
  • Exercise: Configuring federated repositories
  • More administrative access - security domains and fine-grained access
  • Exercise: Working with security domains
  • Exercise: Fine-grained administrative security
  • Application security
  • Exercise: Configuring security on the application
  • Exercise: Application hardening
  • Basics of SSL
  • Certificates
  • SSL configuration within WebSphere Application Server
  • Exercise: Configuring SSL within a cell
  • Establishing trusted relationships with external services
  • Exercise: Configuring SSL to the database using JDBC
  • Exercise: Cross-cell authentication
  • Security problem determination (Optional)
  • Exercise: Security problem determination (Optional)
  • Security infrastructure hardening
  • Exercise: Security infrastructure hardening
  • WebSphere Application Server security performance (Optional)
  • Exercise: Practical security performance tuning (Optional)
  • Course summary
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Duration 3 days

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