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Accessing the IBM i Database Using SQL (OL37G)

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Who should attend

This is an intermediate course for experienced IBM i (including i5/OS and OS/400) programmers. However, very skilled IBM i users who want to learn how to use the SQL programming language as a means to access the DB2 Database for IBM i may also consider attending this class.

This course is not recommended for users who need to perform simple queries. DB2 WebQuery Getting Started is an end user oriented tool designed for this purpose. You can learn about IBM Query for IBM i by attending such courses as DB2 WebQuery for IBM i Workshop (OD04G).


You should be able to:

  • Use a Windows-based PC
  • Navigate and use a Windows-based desktop
  • Navigate IBM i menus
  • Use IBM i commands
  • List the data types that are supported by the IBM i DB2 database
  • Explain the use of the data types supported by the IBM i DB2 database

Other courses that may enhance your knowledge are:

  • IBM i Technical Introduction (OL4AG)

Assuming an IBM i programming background, a programmer would attend the database classes in this order:

  • Accessing the IBM i Database Using SQL (OL37G)
  • Developing IBM i Applications Using SQL (OL38G)

Course Content

SQL is a very powerful programming and database language that is widely used in business today. For example, SQL can be used to perform interactive database queries as well as to extract data from a server and pass that data to a Java applet running on a client PC. SQL is frequently used in IBM i high-level languages as an alternate means to access the database.

This course is designed to teach IBM i programmers and highly skilled IBM i users how to access the DB2 database using SQL. You will learn how to create, maintain, and query the database using the interactive SQL interface and System i Navigator.

Classroom Training

Duration 2 days

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  • Germany: 1,490.- €
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17/07/2017 - 18/07/2017 Berlin
11/09/2017 - 12/09/2017 Frankfurt
06/11/2017 - 07/11/2017 Stuttgart
06/11/2017 - 07/11/2017 Zurich