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Oracle Database 12c: High Availability New Features (D79794GC10)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Course Overview
  • Course Objectives
Flex Clusters
  • Flex Cluster Architecture
  • Configuring Flex Clusters
  • Installing Flex Clusters with OUI
  • Flex Clusters and Node Failure
Policy-Based Cluster Management
  • Policy-Based Cluster Management Overview
  • Server Categorization
  • Policy Set
What-If Command Evaluation
  • Overview
  • Supported Events
  • Performing What-If Command Evaluation on Application Resources with CRSCTL
  • Performing What-If Command Evaluation on Oracle Clusterware Resources with CRSCTL
  • Formatting the Output for What-If Command Evaluation on Oracle Clusterware Resources
  • Performing What-If Command Evaluation with SRVCTL
  • Evaluating Failure Consequences with SRVCTL
Other Clusterware New Features
  • Shared GNS Background and Architecture
  • Configuring shared GNS
  • Migrating to shared GNS
  • Moving GNS to Another Cluster
  • Cluster Health Monitor Enhancements Overview
  • Cluster Health Monitor Services
  • Grid Infrastructure Management Repository Overview
  • Managing Cluster Health Monitor
Flex ASM
  • Flex ASM Architecture
  • ASM Deployment Alternatives
  • Configuring Flex ASM
  • Managing Flex ASM
  • Monitoring Flex ASM Connections
  • Relocating an ASM Client
Other ASM New Features
  • Fast Mirror Resync Enhancements
  • Rebalance Enhancements
  • Proactively Validating Data Integrity
  • ASM-Based Password Files
  • Bulk File Ownership Changes
  • Changing ASM Privileges on Open Files
  • ASM File Access Control Available on Windows
Cloud FS New Features
  • Introducing Oracle Cloud File System
  • High Availability NFS: Overview
  • Cloud FS Snapshot Enhancements
  • Cloud FS Support for All Oracle Database Files
  • Cloud FS Auditing: Overview
  • Cloud FS Plug-in Infrastructure: Overview
  • Using Cloud FS Replication in Conjunction with Cloud FS Security and Encryption
  • Generic API for Cloud FS Tagging
Application Continuity
  • What is AC?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Benefits of AC
  • How AC works
  • AC Architecture
  • Side Effects
  • Restrictions
  • Application requirements
RAC New Features
  • RAC and Flex ASM
  • RAC and Pluggable Database
  • RAC and Policy-Based Cluster Management
  • RAC and What-If Command Evaluation
  • RAC and Application Continuity
  • Valid node checking for listener registration on RAC deployments
  • Oracle home user support for RAC on Windows
Data Guard New Features
  • Far Sync Standby and Data Guard Transport Enhancements
  • Active Data Guard Enhancements
  • Database Rolling Upgrades
  • Other Data Guard Enhancements
  • Data Guard Broker Enhancements
Global Data Services
  • Introduction
  • Logical components
  • Physical components
  • Global Service Overview
  • Global Service Attributes
  • Global Services and RAC
  • Global Services and Data Guard Broker
  • Global Connection Load Balancing