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Supporting Windows 8.1 (MOC 20688)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Planning and Implementing Management of Windows 8
  • Manage Windows 8 locally and remotely.
  • Use Windows PowerShell for management.
  • Use Group Policy to manage Windows 8.
  • Describe basic capabilities of other tools for managing Windows 8.
Module 2: Designing and Implementing an Installation Strategy
  • Determine an appropriate deployment strategy for Windows 8.
  • Determine an appropriate strategy for upgrading or migrating to Windows 8.
  • Describe additional Windows 8 deployment methods, and identify when they would be appropriate to use.
  • Describe the Windows 8 virtualization methods, and identify when each would be appropriate to use.
Module 3: Planning and Implementing Authentication for Windows 8
  • Describe the purpose of user authentication and options available for user authentication.
  • Describe how domain-based authentication works.
Module 4: Planning and Implementing IP Addressing and Intranet Connectivity
  • Design IPv4 addressing for Windows 8.
  • Explain how to design IPv6 addressing.
  • Describe wired network connectivity.
  • Design wireless network connectivity.
  • Design Windows Firewall rules.
Module 5: Implementing an Application Strategy for Windows 8
  • Design application deployment for Windows 8.
  • Select appropriate application compatibility methods for a scenario.
  • Manage Windows 8 apps.
Module 6: Planning and Implementing a Solution for User SettingsThis module explains how to plan and implement a solution for managing user settings.
  • Manage user profiles.
  • Describe UE-V, its components, and its uses.
  • Deploy UE-V, and create a custom settings location template.
Module 7: Configuring Cloud ServicesThis module explains how to configure Windows Live services, and plan for Office 365.
  • Describe cloud services, their benefits, and how to use cloud services from Windows 8.
  • Describe Office 365 and its relation to locally deployed Office and Office 365 plans.
Module 8: Implementing Windows Intune
  • Describe Windows Intune concepts, and plan for Windows Intune.
  • Deploy Windows Intune.
  • Perform basic Windows Intune administration.
Module 9: Managing Computers by Using Windows Intune
  • Manage computers by using Windows Intune Policies and manage updates in Windows Intune.
  • Use Windows Intune to deploy software.
Module 10: Planning and Implementing Access to File and Print Resources
  • Understand the difference between disks and storage spaces, and plan and manage local storage.
  • Design access to file shares.
  • Design file caching for remote users.
  • Design printing.
Module 11: Planning and Implementing Encryption for Windows 8
  • Plan for EFS.
  • Describe, plan for, and use BitLocker.
Module 12: Designing and Implementing Endpoint Security for Windows 8
  • Plan an update strategy.
  • Plan virus and malware protection.
  • Design the implementation of AppLocker.
Module 13: Designing and Implementing Extranet Connectivity
  • Plan and implement VPN solution for Windows 8.
  • Plan and implement a Direct Access solution for Windows 8.
  • Manage Windows 8 mobile devices.
Module 14: Planning and Implementing a Recovery Solution
  • Describe the Windows Boot process and be able to modify it.
  • Diagnose and repair stability issues in Windows 8.
  • Use Windows 8 File Recovery and File History.