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Getting to Know IBM TXSeries (WM880G)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Course introductions and agenda
  • Introduction to transaction processing middleware and CICS
  • Overview of TXSeries for Multiplatforms
  • Exercise: Installing TXSeries for Multiplatforms
  • TXSeries administration
  • Exercise: Exploring TXSeries administration using the Web administration console
  • CICS clients
  • Exercise: Configuring clients to connect to the CICS region
  • Data management
  • Exercise: Configuring a resource manager for data management
  • TXSeries utilities and commands
  • Exercise: TXSeries utilities and commands
  • TXSeries application development
  • Exercise: TXSeries application development and debugging
  • TXSeries security
  • Exercise: Implementing TXSeries security
  • TXSeries backup and recovery
  • Intercommunication
  • Exercise: Configuring TXSeries intercommunication
  • Advanced architecture
  • Problem determination
  • Exercise: TXSeries problem determination
  • User exits and program customization
  • TXSeries application and administration considerations
  • TXSeries monitoring and statistics
  • Exercise: TXSeries monitoring and statistics
  • TXSeries version-to-version migration