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IBM Security zSecure Admin Basic Administration and Reporting (TK262G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Running IBM Security zSecure Admin

  • List the advantages of using IBM Security zSecure Admin to administer RACF.
  • Identify the sources of information that IBM Security zSecure Admin uses.
  • Select different input sources.
  • Use the basic setup panels.

Selecting and displaying existing RACF profiles

  • Select and display details of user, group, data set, and general resource profiles that match particular search criteria.
  • Select and display details of group profiles that match particular search criteria.
  • View the access control list (ACL) using different formats.

Profile maintenance using IBM Security zSecure Admin

  • Modify single profiles, using line commands, overtyping, or the quick administration panel.
  • Change RACF profile definitions in a way that affects multiple profiles and generates multiple RACF commands.
  • Mass update, define, delete or recreate up to 10 profiles of the same entity.
  • Display and manage application segments.

Advanced options

  • Display SETROPTS and Class Descriptor Table settings.
  • Define new input file sets.
  • Create new data sets to serve as input to zSecure.

RACF administration reports

  • Produce reports about RACF profiles and resources.
  • View the group tree of a RACF database.
  • Produce general status and system settings reports.
  • Report who can manage application segments.

Specific user and group reports

  • Report users based on password characteristics.
  • Identify users with specific attributes.
  • Report groups and their settings.
  • Compare different users side by side to identify different connects and permissions.
  • Compare different groups side by side to identify different permissions.

Resource profiles

  • Identify the sensitive resources and global writable data.
  • Select and report general resources with their member lists.
  • Report Global Access Checking (GAC) tables and started tasks.
  • Report the status of digital certificates.

RACF management reports

  • Identify inconsistencies in the RACF database.
  • Use CKGRACF to run commands for profiles that require special care.

Customized reports

  • Create your own customized reports.
  • Customize the way that RACF installation data is displayed and printed.