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IBM Cognos Controller: Author Reports (V10.1) (P8122G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Reporting with IBM Cognos Controller
  • Explore report types and the role of dimensions in reports
  • Run a report based on a data entry form
Create Ad Hoc Reports
  • Create simple ad hoc reports
  • Compare the data for multiple sets of dimensions
  • Export an ad hoc report to an external application
Verify and Analyze Data for Consolidation
  • Examine the benefits of using standard reports in consolidation
  • Select dimensions to run a simple trial balance
  • Drill down on dimensions to view more details
  • View the details behind a summary account using a ledger report
Create Custom Reports
  • Create advanced reports using the Report Generator
  • Determine which dimensions to use when running a report
  • Examine reporting options available with different dimensions
  • Use Controller functions to build reports
Report on Controller Data in Excel
  • Connect Controller to Excel using the Excel Link
  • Use the Report Generator to open and create reports in Excel
  • Add Controller data to a spreadsheet
  • Refresh workbooks to show the latest Controller data
  • Examine exporting data from a workbook back to Controller
  • Design efficient multi-page reports
Run Groups of Reports
  • Examine the purpose of using report books
  • Create a report book
  • Examine input selection values
  • Examine report output options
  • Run a report book