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IBM Case Manager 5.1: Build, Deploy, and Monitor a Solution (F185G)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Introduction to Case Manager
  • Structure of a solution
  • Process a case
  • Solution design principles
  • Overview of add-on functions
  • Create properties and document types
  • Create roles and in-baskets
  • Create a case type and task
  • Create a step map
  • Deploy and test a solution
  • Use preconditions and sets
  • Use Process Designer integration capabilities
  • Deployment process
  • Configure the Production environment profile
  • Migrate solution assets
  • Migrate and deploy the solution package
  • Introduction to IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules
  • Create a rule project with ILOG Rule Studio
  • Deploy rules to Rule Execution Server
  • Integrate business rules into a solution
  • Introduction to Cognos RTM
  • Create a custom dashboard using existing dashboard objects
  • Case Monitor architecture
  • Database structures
  • Create a dashboard object
  • Create a custom measure for a dashboard object
  • Create a custom dimension for a dashboard object