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IBM Case Manager 5.1: User Interface Development (F080G)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • How to customize the Case Manager Client application?
  • Create a new space and a page.
  • Establish communication between widgets.
  • Access runtime configuration items.
  • Customize the following items:
    • Existing widgets
    • Help information
    • Banner and application name
    • Client login page
    • Business Space styles
  • About Case Management REST Resources
  • Process Engine REST Service
    • Managing roles, in-baskets and workflows
  • Case Manager REST protocol
    • Creating and managing case objects
  • IBM CMIS for FileNet Content Manager
    • Managing case folders and documents
  • How to create generic widgets?
  • A Hello World widget
  • A widget with a publish event
  • A widget with a handle event
  • How to create custom widgets using the Case Management REST Resources?
  • Create a custom widget using Process Engine REST Service
  • Create a custom widget using the Case Manager REST protocol
  • Create a custom widget using IBM CMIS