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IBM Cognos BI Administration: Architecture and Logging (V10.2) (B5219G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Architecture Overview

  • Introduction and Service-Oriented Architecture
    • definition of components
    • Service-Oriented Architecture in IBM Cognos
  • Explore the IBM Cognos Dispatcher
    • describe IBM Cognos Dispatcher
    • describe request routing
    • describe the routing process
    • describe Content Manager Cache Service
  • Examine IBM Cognos Services
    • identify IBM Cognos Services
    • review collaboration functionality
    • explore the architecture in IBM Cognos 10
  • Explore Java Memory Management
    • overview of Java
    • manage Java memory
    • explain tools to monitor Java


  • Examine Audit Logging and Indication Processing Facility Logging
    • overview of installation logs and configuration logs
    • explore audit logging
    • explore IPF logging
  • Perform Dye Tracing
    • determine requirements
    • perform dye tracing
  • Explore Dynamic Query Mode
    • explain Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) logging
    • explain IBM Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer (DQA)
  • Explore Component Logging
    • explore component logging for Gateway, Dispatcher, Report Server, and Universal Data Access layer
  • Examine Additional Tools and Special Task Logging
    • examine diagnostic tools and utilities for special task logging