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Introduction to IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services (V6) (0S004G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Overview of Collaboration and Deployment Services

  • What is Collaboration and Deployment Services?
  • What can C & DS do for you?
  • Basic Logical Architecture
  • Deployment Manager
  • The Content Repository (and Context Explorer)
  • The Job Editor Tool
  • The Server Administration Tool
  • The Enterprise View Tool
  • The Model Management Dashboard
  • Real Time Scoring
  • Modeler Gold Overview
  • C&DS Role Within Modeler Gold

Content, Assets, and Permissions

  • Interaction with Repository Objects
  • Key Terms
  • The File and Folder structure
  • Asset Security and Permissions
  • Modify Asset Permissions
  • Default Publishing Permissions
  • Upload Files
  • Download Files
  • Delete Files

Work with Assets

  • Asset Properties
  • Property Scope
  • Object Properties: The General Tab
  • Object Versions
  • Access Different Versions
  • Description Labels
  • Add Labels to an Object Version
  • Custom Properties
  • Add Custom Properties
  • Search and Search Tools
  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Results
  • Object Locking

Track Asset Changes

  • Subscriptions and Notifications
  • Subscribe to an Asset using Deployment Manager
  • Subscribe to an Asset using the Deployment Portal
  • Create Content Notifications
  • Create Email Entries
  • Dynamic Assist Text

Access Files from Other Applications

  • Introduction to SPSS Products (Modeler)
  • Connect to the Repository
  • Retrieve Assets
  • The Modeler Repository Explorer
  • Store Assets in the Repository
  • Store Assets from Modeler

Advanced Content Operations

  • Multiple Repositories
  • Overview: Export, Import, and Promotion (Migrated Job Components)
  • Export Guidelines (External References and Restrictions)
  • Export Folders
  • Import Guidelines (Restrictions, Security, and Recommended Order)
  • Import Folders
  • Resolve Import Conflict
  • Resolve Import Conflicts Globally
  • Advanced Operations on Locked Objects
  • Promotion: Why Promote?
  • Promotion Objects
  • Promotion Considerations


  • What is a Job?
  • Automation Defined
  • The Job Editor Tool
  • The Job Editor Interface
  • Build a Single Step Job
  • Multi-step Jobs
  • Job Step Relationships
  • Building Relationships
  • Delete and Modify Relationships
  • Job Step Types with Warnings
  • Building Conditional Relationships
  • Cancel Jobs
  • Build, Multi-step Jobs

Notifications and Parameters

  • Add Notifications to Jobs and Job Step
  • Build the E-mail Template
  • Customize the Notification Message
  • Content Assist
  • Specify Notification Recipients and Attachments
  • Run Time Parameters
  • Job Variables in Built-in Job Steps (Define and Use Variables)
  • Best Practice
  • Run Jobs with Parameters from Deployment Manager
  • Run Jobs with Parameters from Deployment Portal

Schedule Jobs

  • Define a Job
  • Define Schedules
  • Create a New Schedule Definition
  • Creating Time-based Schedules
  • Recurrence for Time-based Schedules
  • Run Jobs on Intervals
  • Message-based Schedules
  • Create Message-based Schedules
  • Message Options and Domains
  • Automatically Map JMS Header Properties to Job Variables
  • View Job Schedules
  • Create Job Schedule Filters

Examine Job History

  • The Job History View
  • Opening All Job History
  • Viewing Job-Specific History
  • Description of the Job History View
  • Viewing Job Information and Artifacts
  • Blank Cells in the Job History View
  • Working in the View
  • Filtering the Job History View
  • Job History in the Deployment Portal

Analytic Data View and Real Time Scoring

  • The Analytic Data View
  • Introduction to the Analytic Data View
  • Create an ADV
  • Use ADV with Analytical Decision Management
  • Introduction to Real Time Scoring
  • Configure Real Time Scoring
  • Test Real Time Scoring

Model Management

  • Explore Model Management
  • Perform Model Evaluation
  • Perform Model Refresh
  • Use Champion Challenger
  • Explore the Model Management Dashboard