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HPE XP 9500 Storage Replication Management (HK906)

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Detailed Course Outline

Replication Solutions for the XP
•Business Copy
•Business Copy Fast Snap
•Continuous Access Synchronous
•Continuous Access Journal
•XP7 High Availability
•Command View Advanced Edition Replication Manager
•Cluster solutions
•Solutions and integrations

Business Copy
•State and state transitions
•Mirror unit tables
•Managing cascades
•Swap and freeze
•Host performance
•At-time split function
•GUI review

RAID Manager for Business Copy
•RAID Manager instance
•Hitachi Online Remote Configuration Manager (HORCM)
•RAID Manager configuration file
•Business Copy pairs

Snapshot and Fast Snap

Continuous Access (CA) Synchronous and Journal
•CA concepts
•CA synchronous operations
•CA synchronous configuration
•CA Journal operations
•CA Journal configuration

RAID Manager for Continuous Access •Overview
•Pair commands

XP7 High Availability (HA)
•Solution Topologies
•HA Requirements
• XP7 HA setup walkthrough

Replication Manager (RM)
•RM monitoring
•Integrated pair management
•Replication Manager Alerts