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HPE P9500 Administration and Configuration (HK905)

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Detailed Course Outline

XP7 and P9500 Hardware
• Architecture Overview
• Physical Layout
• Component details
• Terminology

Remote Web Console
• Management Options
• Web Console Architecture
• Web Client Reuirements
• License Key Management
• Audit Logs
• User management
• Task Wiards
• Reporting tool

Command Line Interface
• Setup RAID Manager
• Send commands to SVP in-band and out of band
• Authenticate with SVP
• List array configuration

Volume Management
• Custom Volumes
• System Disk
• Quick Format
• Command Line for Volume Management
• DKA Encryption
• Volume Shredder
• Data Retention
• Logical Unit Sie Expansion

LUN Management
• Fibre Port Management
• Host Groups
• Host Modes
• Management tools for LUNs
• Making storage available to hosts
• Create LUNs and Command Devices
• Using Configuration File Loader
• Command Line for LUN management

Making LUS visible to a host
• Understand Host preparation before presenting LUNs
• Making LUN visible to hosts
• Understand the HP-U Hardware path address for LUNs
• Use of the PInfo tool
• Automatic Path Failover
• Dynamic Load Balancing
• Multi-Pathing Solutions

XP Thin Provisioning and SMART Tiers
• What is Thin Provisioning (THP)
• THP operation seuence
• THP pools
• THP usage with other Program Products
• THP BC usage details
• THP usage with partitioning
• THP DMT reads and writes
• THP performance
• THP Smart Tiers

Cache Partitioning
• With and without Cache Partitions
• Cache Logical Partitions (CLPRs)

External Storage
• Overview and Features
• External Storage Path Modes
• Cache Mode
• Use with Cache Partitions
• Configure External Ports
• Configure External Volumes
• Best Practices for P9000 External Storage
• Power on and off order
• Disaster Recovery Solutions using External Storage

Auto LUN
• Tiered Storage Approach
• Auto LUN Migration
• Auto LUN Tasks
• Auto LUN Migration configuration

Performance Monitor
• Data collection
• Viewing collected data
• Performance Monitor Export Tool
• Data export

Performance Advisor
• Product Overview
• Collecting Array and Host Information
• Management Station Components
• Host Agents and Clients
• Installing and logging on to Performance Advisor
• Performance Advisor GUI
• PA Licensing
• Configuration Data Collection
• Creating Charts and New Alarms
• Generating and Scheduling Reports
• PWatch and PSketch

Replication Overview
• Business Copy Overview
• Full copy vs. Fast Snap Comparison
• Business Copy Operations and States
• Continuous Access Overview
• Continuous Access Synchronous Overview
• Continuous Access ournal Overview
• P7 High Availability Overview

Resource Partitions
• What are Resource Partitions
• Physical Partitioning VS Logical Partitioning
• Resource Groups
• User Groups
• Access Roles

Introduction to Command iew Advanced Edition
• Command View AE Features
• Architecture
• Device Manager Host Agent and Web Client
• GUI Highlights
• Logical Group Concept
• CVAE Host - Concept
• User Management Concepts