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Managing HPE 3PAR StoreServ II (HK904)

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Detailed Course Outline

Remote Copy (RC)
• Describe the key features, benefits, and advantages of Remote Copy (RC)
• Explain different types of RC implementations
• Understand the difference between Synchronous, Periodic Asynchronous, and Synchronous Long Distance (SLD) modes
• Discuss different failure scenarios
• Perform a failover of a Remote Copy Group (RCG)
• Use Management Console GUI and the CLI to manage Remote Copy

System Reporter
• System Reporter overview and components
• uick, custom, and scheduled reports
• Configuring email alerts
• Using the database sizing spreadsheet
• Use On-Node system reporters
• CLI on-node system reporter commands and interpretation

QoS and Priority Optimization
• Priority Optimization benefits and architecture
• Priority Optimization best practices and performance implications
• Working with PO using Management Console and the CLI

Data Migration: Peer Motion and EVA to HP 3PAR Online Import
• Peer Motion purpose and benefits
• Configuration rules
• Administering a Peer Motion configuration
• Understand the Peer Motion Command Line Interface (PMCLI)
• Discuss how Online Windows Cluster Migration works
• Discuss how EVA to HP 3PAR Online import works

Tools for Performance and Troubleshooting and Balancing a 3PAR Array
• Local read and write vs. remote read and write
• Individual component performance
• HP 3PAR caching algorithms
• CLI stat commands for troubleshooting HP 3PAR performance issues
• Use the System Tuner capabilities
• Understand how and when to use the compactcpg command