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Cisco Collaboration Partner Adoption Business Workshop (CPA-BW)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Program Overview, Positioning and Industry Trends

  • You will review changes in the technology industry, business outcome selling and positioning.
  • You will review Cisco's transition to a software-focused solution company.

Module 2: Program Preparation & Partner Value Proposition

  • You will identify your Collaboration Adoption value proposition and positioning for customer engagements.
  • You will see how the preparations and value propositions align with existing service and solution offerings.

Module 3: Customer Selection Process

  • You will learn how to first engage existing customers, how to prioritize new opportunities and how to best engage the Cisco sales teams for maximum impact.

Module 4: Business Outcome Planning

  • You will learn to identify key business outcomes and focus on selling solution delivery models, from product based solutions to Anything as a Service (XaaS) models.

Module 5: Engagement Planning & Engaging IT

  • You will learn how to engage IT leaders as champions to gain access to business groups and formulate a joint strategy for driving value through adoption services.

Module 6: Executive Sponsor Engagement

  • You will learn how to select and approach executive sponsors and practice specific formats for developing executive conversations.

Module 7: Line-of-Business Engagement

  • With the support of the executive sponsor, you will learn how to engage the line-of-business team and leverage focus groups to develop a single business use case for the initial adoption engagement.

Module 8: Phase 1 Setup

  • You will learn how to ensure customer readiness for an adoption rollout and review all of the operational components that need to be developed to ensure success.

Module 9: Phase 1 Deployment

  • Experience is key when deploying a solution. You will learn how to ensure success of the program and measure results through surveys and key measurements.

Module 10: Metrics and Feedback

  • You will review steps required to capture feedback through surveys and reports while sharing this data with key stakeholders inside and outside the customer.

Module 11: Project Completion and Next Phase Planning

  • You will understand the importance of a tight scope of engagement, while avoiding scope-creep and preparing for additional adoption engagements.

Module 12: Considerations for Building an Adoption Practice and Program Summary

  • You will learn to leverage the Ten Step process of building and implementing an efficient adoption practice.