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Siebel 8.1.x Installation and System Administration Ed 2 (D56196GC20)

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  • Support Engineer
  • Functional Implementer
  • Developer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator
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Required Prerequisites:

-Siebel 8.0 Technical Foundations - RWC

Suggested Prerequisites:

-Siebel 8.0 Fundamentals


  • Install and configure a Siebel Enterprise with one or more Siebel Servers and languages
  • Adjust application parameters to improve performance
  • Configure alternative authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP, within a Siebel Enterprise
  • Monitor a Siebel Enterprise by examining log and performance information files
  • Install and configure additional Siebel CRM components, such as the Siebel Management Agent and Server, Siebel Tools, and the Siebel Developer Web client
  • Manage a Siebel Enterprise by modifying component parameters and editing configuration files
  • Migrate application customizations from one Siebel 8.1 Enterprise to another


This course is intended to provide in-depth coverage of the Siebel CRM installation process and Siebel CRM system administration. Topics for the installation portion installing and configuring a Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Enterprise, Siebel Server, and Siebel Web Server Extension. The server administration portion will cover configuring application components, parameters, and configuration files; using the command-line server manager interface; logging and event notification, gathering diagnostic information using Siebel Application Response Measurement (SARM); deploying required ActiveX controls for High Interactivity clients; using Application Deployment Manager (ADM) to deploy application customizations to other Siebel Enterprises; and basic performance tuning.Additional topics include Additional topics include installing the Siebel Management Server and Agent, Siebel Developer Web client, and Siebel Tools, as well as multi-server installation, multilingual installation, and configuring LDAP support.

In this course students perform an initial Siebel CRM deployment and configuration. Students learn to install and configure an initial Siebel Enterprise, then learn to install additional components such as the Siebel Management Agent and Server, Siebel Tools, and Siebel Developer Web client.

Advanced topics include adding additional servers or languages to an enterprise, performing silent installations, and configuring alternative authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP.

The course also provides in-depth coverage of Siebel CRM system administration, including server configuration and system and performance monitoring. Administration topics include managing component groups, component definitions, parameters, configuration files, the command-line Server Manager interface, and managing high-interactivity clients. The course then describes the various mechanisms for monitoring the system, including system logging, event notification, and Siebel Application Response Measurement (SARM). Finally, the course describes how to migrate application customizations between Siebel Enterprises using Application Deployment Manager (ADM).

Learn To:

  • Install and configure a Siebel Enterprise with a single Siebel Server
  • Install and configure additional Siebel CRM components, including the Siebel
  • Management Agent and Server, Siebel Tools, and the Siebel Developer Web client
  • Managing High-Interactivity Clients
  • Install and Configure ADM
  • Migrate application customizations from one Siebel 8.1 Enterprise to another
Installing a Siebel Enterprise
  • Installation Considerations
  • Installing the Siebel Gateway Name Server
  • Installing the Siebel Database
  • Installing a Siebel Server
  • Installing the Siebel Web Server Extension
  • Configuring Other Authentication Mechanisms
Installing Additional Server Components
  • Installing the Siebel Management Agent and Server
Installing Client Components
  • Installing the Siebel Developer or Mobile Web Client
  • Installing Siebel Tools
Additional Configuration
  • Configuring Multiple Servers in an Enterprise
  • Adding a Language to an Enterprise
Architecture and Configuration
  • The Siebel Architecture
  • Components and Parameters
  • Server Management
  • Using the Server Manager Command-Line Interface
  • Configuration Files
System Monitoring
  • System Logging and Event Notification
  • Gathering Diagnostic Information
  • SARMQuery
Additional Configuration
  • Managing High-Interactivity Clients
  • Introducing Application Deployment Manager (ADM)
  • Installing and Configuring ADM
  • Exporting and Packaging Application Customizations
  • Deploying Application Customizations
  • Performance Considerations
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