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IBM Security zSecure Admin Basic Administration and Reporting (TK262G)

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This basic-level course is for RACF administrators who use the IBM Security zSecure Admin ISPF panel interface. It is also suitable for RACF administrators, auditors, and compliancy officers who use the IBM Security zSecure Admin panel interface, the built-in functions, and commands to review and report about RACF profiles.


You should have:

  • Basic knowledge of, and experience with, RACF
  • Familiarity with the IBM Security zSecure Admin or Audit ISPF panel interface

Basic RACF education is assumed and can be obtained in the following classes: Basics of z/OS RACF Administration (ES191) or Introduction to z/OS Security Server RACF (EZ192) - ILO, and Effective RACF Administration (BE870).


Learn about the frequently used administrative functions, standard reports, and verification functions of IBM Security zSecure Admin. Gain experience administering RACF profiles using the built-in functions and line commands with the standard ISPF interface provided with the product. Learn how to report and review RACF profiles using the built-in functions and line commands provided. The background and details of the verification functions that report RACF database inconsistencies are explored, and you learn about the generated RACF commands that can assist in fixing these inconsistencies. The CKGRACF function that offers features not included in native RACF is also described. In this course, you also learn to produce customized reports and tailor the RACF installation data field. Hands-on exercises are included in each unit.

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