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HPE StoreFabric B-Series Switch Professional (HK911)

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Technical professionals seeking a learning path that includes both conceptual knowledge of Fibre Channel SAN technologies and experience in HP B-series SAN environments.


  • Accelerated SAN Essentials UC434S


  • HP StoreFabric B-series Switch Administration or HK910S


  • A good technical understanding of networking and storage concepts


  • Experience managing Windows or UNIX systems
  • Recommended free web-based training at itrc.hp.com SAN Fundamentals (U5527AAE)


This two-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of complex configurations within a HP B-series SAN solution covering technologies and concepts. Students will gain the experience needed to tackle the challenges of working in enterprise class SAN environments.


  • Virtual Fabrics
  • List the steps to implement a Virtual Fabric
  • Explain 10-bit addressing
  • Briefly describe Admin Domains feature
  • Configure and implement NPIV
  • Configure and deploy Access Gateway
  • Describe FC-FC routing technology and its features
  • Configure and troubleshoot FC-FC routing
  • Identify commands and tools used to verify routing connectivity
  • Describe FCIP theory and reasons for using it
  • Add a FCIP tunnel and circuit
  • Use extra FCIP features
  • Configure FCIP via CLI and BNA
  • Monitor FCIP tunnel performance
  • Describe Adaptive Networking elements and licensing
  • Discuss and configure QOS zones
  • Describe and configure Ingress Rate Limiting
  • Implement Traffic Isolation (TI) zoning in fabric
  • Configure Top Talkers feature and interpret output
  • Monitor Brocade FC SANs to help in the detection of bottlenecks
  • Distinguish the differences between security policies
  • Configure security policies
  • Apply policy distribution
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